About Pacific Seating

Pacific seating is dedicated to delivering quality, value and service. The principals have over 30 years experience each involved in the design, sales and installation of seating systems.

Pacific Seating specialises in the GLIDE Retractable / Telescopic System which we have designed, engineered and manufactured.

Using our collective experience we apply that to develop products that combine the best of traditional methods with modern advances and technology.

Not all systems and suppliers are the same. Ensure you know what you are getting. We value our Reputation; Products and Customer Relationships.

Our Products

Our focus has been to develop a quieter, more flexible, easier system, that's quicker to install and easier to operate.

Our GLIDE System has been engineered and Certified to the highest Standards including:

  • CE Standard (ref EN 12300-5:2006)BS 5950 Structural Use of Steelwork in Buildings
  • BS6399-1:1966 Loading for Buildings: Dead & Imposed Loads
  • BS4190:2001 & BS5950-1:2000 Connections & Bolts
  • AS/NZS 1170. Seismic Gravity & Lateral Loads (based on Christchurch New Zealand.)
  • BASES. British Association of Seating Equipment Suppliers
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